Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Suppressed Emotion

Suppressed Emotion

After an interview last week and a weekend test brief I was invited back for a second interview at Maido, a central London design studio. I assumed that getting a second interview was a positive thing (otherwise I'll be riding the train for an hour just to be told I'm shit in person) and indeed quite early into the interview they told me my work was the best out of the other candidates. As the conversation went on it seemed more and more like they were interested in offering me the job, yet I couldn't just assume I got it. This Britain, and god-save-the-queen there are procedures. So I kept the poker face for the duration, all the way up to the call later that day where they offered me to join the team. I think my poker face was a bit to effective, as they had to txt me to confirm I actually wanted to gig.

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  1. Sarut!!!
    Congratulations. Well done!