Thursday, January 12, 2012

Known For Their Humour

Known For Their Humour

All stereotypes and stale world war II jokes aside, if there is one place where you don't wanna make jokes is the German embassy. If they tell you to turn your phone off, YOU TURN THE GODDAMN THING OFF. The girls working in the counter were actually very friendly, and even though they insisted on speaking to me in German, the whole experience was pleasant. Still, when the fingerprint scanner didn't work and the lady said jokingly that I broke it, I laughed more from fear than from humour. It's been 16 hours and I still expect 2 German officers to kick my door down and search my house.
I guess I couldn't avoid a WWII joke after all.

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  1. you are right! i feel the same - but hey, they are the ones giving you a european passport so use them...if you can't fight them - join them ...