Monday, January 2, 2012

In My Place

In My Place

Happy 2012 everybody!

It feels like it was only yesterday when I promised to post a strip every day until the new year. I really did want to make the extra effort, I even took my ipad and stylus to the cruise with full intent to provide daily reports from the middle of the ocean. It would have worked too, if internet connection didn't cost 3,000 dollars a minute. The fact I couldn't get strips up made me think of last years end-of-year strip, and how can I improve on that magnificent anticlimax. I decided there's a kind of silent poetry with the promise of daily updates, and then zero strips until the new year. That leaves me quite a task for 2013: how do you do less than nothing?

The trip to the Caribbeans was just a bit too good: After seeing that part of the world, London seems to be in black and white in comparison. It's like England had no colours, no weather, no real reason to leave the bed. And with temperatures going lower and lower, leaving the safety of the blankets is getting harder and harder. So until we move to some place warm, Noam is finding creative ways to stay in bed just that little bit longer.

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