Friday, January 6, 2012



Here's the thing: I don't hate kids' reality shows because I think it's bad idea or because it's immoral or something. The reason I hate those shows is because kids today are too aware of the nature of reality show to be on it and still be kids. You see, kids these days grow up watching X-factor, Big Brother and all that crap. And as almost 35% of children want to be famous when they grow up it's not surprising to see kids emulating their reality heroes. What you end up with is a show where kids are put in adult situation expected to act naturally, only to show second hand emotion they saw on other reality shows. And even without them acting out last years X factor final, 8 year old kids have the emotional spectrum of a light switch. They've got happy and sad. That's it. Yet they're expected to show us a whole range of emotions that haven't been developed yet.

Oh yeah, and I don't like kids anyway, so there you go.

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  1. sounds like autobiography...hahaha. very good strip