Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Elder of Zion Magazine

The Elder of Zion Magazine

Noam enjoys sharing old horror stories from her Leeds University days. Stories of crazy Palestinian society protests, events, publicity stunts and anything bordering in violence. I was almost looking forward to having my own war stories when I started my higher education, only to find that the most political debate in an art school is what's the best A size. My last hope was our move to the Hendon campus, where we joined the rest of the students, from hopeful lawyers to prospective accountants. Still, the last few months were drama free.
Today, as I was having coffee (well, hot chocolate) and reading the student union's magazine, I was very surprised to find a big 'Free Palestine' image in the politics section. The article went on to tell how 7 million Palestinians were displaced from their homes, and how we must fight, and I quote: '...the corrosive powers of the Zionist movement'. Wow. I don't wanna get all dramatic, after all it's just a one page article by the Palestinian society in a North London magazine, edited by kids who don't know what they're doing anyway, But seeing these modern days protocols is quite shocking.

* Just click on the picture, should be big enough to read.

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  1. very disturbing!!!! you should make sure the stupid idiots hear the other side of the story. keeping quiet DOES NOT serve justic. do something about it! how about sending them a good comic strip? and i thought it was a good uni....how can it be good if they let these things????