Thursday, October 13, 2011



It took me some time to get to the Gilaad Shalit thing, it just takes a lot of mental power to bring myself to make a strip about anything else than myself.
We were sitting at home when Noam got a call saying that a deal has been made and Gilad Shalit is to be freed. Immediately Noam rushed to the computer and hit the news in full blast. She was very surprised by my indifference and how I wasn't glued to the media at such an historic moment. Now, I am very excited about a soldier, a son and a brother coming home after 5 years in the hands of terrorists, but I simply couldn't take this week long journalistic masturbation of 'experts', 'predictions', 'exclusive interviews'. It's like that ominous tones you get in the scary bits of horror films- you can't have it playing for 2 hours, you'd lose all the tension. Not that I'm complaining that real life should learn how to create anticipation, but I just don't have the capacity to hold this level of anticipation for 6 days.

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  1. it's a very good strip from the artistic angle, but I don't understand you, how could you not be excited? it's a big one!!!! well lets hope for the best...still a few more days of "jurnlistic masterbation"...that part in your strip is true, very true...