Monday, July 25, 2011

Save the Art Department

Save the Art Department

A friend of mine, who I've worked with a few time before, started a new business and was very happy to get that call asking me to do some art for the site. I'm really bad with asking for money, so I was relived when she told me my work is in the company's budget, coming from different investors. My job? drawing funny business-oriented strips, with her as the main character. It's hard to say the art is crucial for the company (which is in no way involved with art), but if it's in the budget I'm on board. Besides, it's nice to feel wanted (even if not needed). I bet it was a tough meeting with the investors, explaining where their money is going. At least they got this strip for free, and that's like cash in their pockets!

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  1. good luck! and ask for a lot of money!!!!