Monday, June 20, 2011

Paper Tiger, A5 Matt

Paper Tiger, A5 Matt

As I expected, the project that had to be finished 2 weeks ago is still going strong.
With one hour to go until end of work day. and about 70% of the booklet done, I was furious. Oh you should have seen me. I was yelling, shouting, throwing the mother of all tantrums! When I finished yelling I moved on to my demands: £100 an hour for every extra hour! Cab to take me to the office and back! Neck massages and fruit baskets for my posse (apparently I have a posse).

Then the client called.

So yeah, I'm going back to work tomorrow, probably to be payed just over minimum wage. But don't worry, if we're not done by tomorrow... I guess I'll just go in the day after.
God dammit.

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  1. you are worth much more then the minimum wage so don't give up!!! they need you now much more than you need them!!! learn how to stand up for what you should get and F--- them all!!!!IMA