Monday, May 23, 2011

The Cynic Route

The Cynic Route

Today was probably our last official school day, in which we had to put up out end of year exhibition. Obviously, dealing with posters and books, this activity included quite a lot of cutting and slicing which inevitably led to Elvan cutting her finger. Now I will be the first to admit that I'm not very good with blood, but the way SHE reacted was a bit much. How? after putting her hand under colder water, she came back into the room LOOKING FOR BITS OF HER FINGER, just before going to the hospital. As you guessed, she was back in school in a couple of hours, no stitches or anything.
Throughout this whole episode I was busy putting up my posters, but mostly making fun of her. When she came back safe and sound I was relieved, mostly because it meant I wasn't a total dick. Being cynical towards a hypochondriac is funny. Being cynical towards someone who is really hurt is dickish.


  1. looool
    she died?

  2. Hello
    Its great to be alive
    Would you be saying 'for fucks sake' to my grave or would you just run with my phone and say 'fuck yes!'?
    The world may be turning and time may pass and all, but my phone has a pin lock on it so...ha ha

    You know who it is, but I'm posting it as 'anonymous' so it works, because nothing else seems to work so yeah...