Monday, April 4, 2011



Iv'e been really bad with updates the past week, for no fault of my own mind you. We've been having lots of problems with the internet the past few months, and 15 calls to the Virgin support line and 4 engineers later we were no way nearer to a solution. In the last call a poor guy named Abdul tried explaining to Noam the Internet is under maintenance and will be up in 24 hours. It wasn't.
It was that moment when the names had been etched into Noam's brain, deep and crisp, under the 'to kill' category.
I don't know where the call centre is. could be Dubai, could be Birmingham. In any case it is just a matter of time, Abdul. Noam knows your name and heard your voice. She has got your SCENT. And she's coming.


  1. we all know the problem...but that's no excuse not to do your stuff...