Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Layers of Glory

Layers of Glory

I try to base strips on things that happen to me on during the day, and days like today, when I seat at home in my pyjamas, that I find it hard coming up with stories. Hell, I think I wore the same pair of pyjama bottoms since I finished school last week. The problem is that it is so cold here that I can't get myself to take my PJ's off so I can wear proper trousers for going shopping or generally get out of the house. SO, I came up with the layer system: get ready on Monday and it's down hill from there.

That last line was inspired by 'Blades of Glory', a horrible, stupid film that I absolutely love. There's a bit where Will Ferrell says 'The night is a very dark time for me', to which Jon Heder replies: 'The night is dark for everyone, you douch!'. Cinema perfection.

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  1. i'll send you 2 extra pairs...love this one!!!!