Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In My World

In My World

If you haven't watched it yet, make sure you watch 'In This World', can't recommend it enough. It's a documentary-style drama following a young kid's journey being smuggled illegally from a refuge camp in Pakistan to London.

(go watch it before you carry on *spoiler alert*)

Our young protagonist ends up at the shores of England and arrives to London, but at that point a very interesting thing happens; The film cuts back and forth from a shot of the kid's family back in Pakistan walking around the village looking into the sunset, to a shot of the kid walking around the streets of (I assume it's) Brixton. And the two shots look FUCKING IDENTICAL. He's walking down a dirty market place full of dark Arab-looking people shouting for half price fake Nike T-shirts. Welcome to England, kid!

Here's my point: people travel half way around the world, change their whole life in order to start fresh in the British capitol, just to end up in the same place they came from. Why come here if you're going to live in such a closed community?

I'm gonna risk using this word again: Integration. Or in other word: You left a shit whole, why go to another?

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