Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think That's How Young People Talk

I Think That's How Young People Talk

I spend quite a few hours every day around late teenagers-early young people, but every now and then life slaps my across the face with the fact that I'm getting older.
We we're invited to Noam's cousin's 21st birthday dinner, which quickly became a shot drinking exhibition. As girls only 4 years younger than me down 3 Tequila shots in 10 minutes, all I could think about was how disruptive mid-week drinking can be for my productivity the next day. It's not even that I miss those crazy drinking nights (have I ever had any?), it just that black will always look darker next to white than by itself.

I have proceeded by making a comic strip about how I can't connect with young people, only to realise I have no idea how to write young people talk. Then I yelled at the neighbours' kids, had tea and went to sleep at 19.30.

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  1. soon you will bw as old as your mother....but as good looking too....