Thursday, January 20, 2011

And I, Wizard, I want a Heart - Epilogue

And I, Wizard, I want a Heart - Epilogue

The last instalment of my big people observation week.
My Northern Ireland project is going to be based around statistics and infographics, so I thought I'd try to put my newly discovered insights into a graphic representation. Making fun of fat guys running is fine and all (as long as you don't have a soul) but when they stop and break down with tears... it's just not that funny any more. It's... kinda sad. But then, in the rare occasional that the two occur at the same time, you get a fat-person-supernova, which to look at you need those black sunglasses you use for eclipses.

To be serious for a second, I think it's great that overweight people take their health into their own chubby hands and try to live a healthier lifestyle. But it's just like when I took my first guitar lesson and looked like a monkey trying to eat ants with a stick- learning new skills make you look stupid. Why not laugh?

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