Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Dodge a Bullet and the Art of Presentations

How to Dodge a Bullet and the Art of Presentations

Every Wednesday morning I have to make a presentation describing my ideas and progress with the Northern Ireland project. As you learned from the Monday strip, it wasn't going very well, so I was less than confident when it was my turn to present. I didn't like my ideas, or my sketches, or anything I had in my sketchbook. But to my great surprise, Jonathan seemed to be quite pleased with my work. It was like putting a spoon full of faeces in your mouth, completely expecting the fresh taste of cow poop, and then realising it's actually a chocolate-and-blowjobs cake.

I guess that's the thing with art, or maybe any kind of presentation: you just never know. And the only thing that you can really do is spin the revolver, put it to your head, pull the trigger and hope to the best. Worst case scenario you realise you suck. Best case? you'll get to prove you're a dumbass next week.

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  1. start building your confidence! you are good! very good! - at least most of the time...good strip anyway