Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nature Calls

Nature Calls

I don't know if I did this concept justice, but I feel like there are at least a couple of layers to this strip that work together to create a big idea.

We were moving tables around and Noam's dog was running between our legs desperately seeking attention, when one of the cell phones in the room beeped with a message 'Attention Required'. I wondered what kind of attention does a phone need, and does it feel left out if not handled for too long. And whilst Jasper the dog did all but backflipped over the chairs, all the phone had to do was beep.

I almost wish to see this idea in hands of more capable artist, because I feel there's more here than I can see myself, but I guess it'll do for now.

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  1. a very good one. i hope some more artists will follow this idea. the one who needs attention is me...