Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gives You Schwings

Gives You Gives You Schwings

Once again, I am a little ashamed to press to 'Submit' button, but what the hell.

I had to research it, but apparently 'Pussy' is a real thing. Leighton told me about it during lunch break, and as we were in branding and marketing kind of mood we tried taking this energy drink as a fantasy project.


  1. how low can you get...low-pussy get it? i don't like this path you are on...sorry to say so

  2. I absolutely agree with Mali (whoever he/she is)

  3. I know I made a penis-and-boobies-strip and a pussy-drink-strip on the same week, but I did put a buffer cute-waiting-to-go-to-NY-strip in the middle...

    I always compare it to a lunch menu: it's great to have a 5 star meal in a fancy restaurant, but sometimes all you want is a Big Mac and chips. I try to keep some balance in my strips, and it's the same with the swearing comments I sometimes get: I wanna be able to use it, but not to deepened on it. So sometimes when the inspiration well is a little dry I fall back on some poop jokes. It's not necessarily a bad thing: here's one of my favorite strips from my favorite webcomic.

    In any case, thanks for reading and bare with me even when the joke meter is below sea level.