Wednesday, November 3, 2010



This concept is more suitable for my other project but with a strong relation to pop culture, I feel it can rest safely in this site.

There's something about being a minority, or FEELING as a minority that allows you to find reason and causality where there's non. As a Jew and an Israeli, with a great tradition of seeing myself as a victim it makes it even easier. So when Lord Alan Sugar, a proud Jew himself, grilles one of his contestants on this year's apprentice, I already know the reason. grilling a one Alex Epstein? You Nazi! And when he decides to give him another chance? Well that's thanks to his Jewish wits of course.
This funny phenomenon repeats itself every election, Eurovision, international football match. I really enjoy this flexibility of morals, where I can accuse a person and redeem him using the same excuse, as long as it is done with some amount of self conciousness and humour. If you start to actually believe it, you lose my sympathy.

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