Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Better Never Than Late

Better Never Than Late

Warning: Another gaming strip!

I feel a little old and behind the times doing a strip about Wii, but to be honest this casual-aimed game console hasn't played any part in my life until now. Now being yesterday, when my friend asked me to babysit his machine whilst he goes off for a Brazil-Israel trip for a year.
I do try to verbalise my dislike for Wii (whether people ask for my opinion or not), not because I hate it, but because people don't understand how I can NOT like it. In a nutshell, I'm a man (I'm not done yet) and as one I enjoy playing games that involve playing football, shooting aliens and if possible both of them at the same time. Wii offers you Ping Pong, Yoga and... I can't even think of anything else (is there?). The bottom line is Wii doesn't offer real gamers, as opposed to casual gamers, any reason to spend money on a Nintendo console.
When I installed my new foster Wii last night I could feel excitement building inside me, the same I had when I was installing the Xbox. Only when I finished I realised I spent 15 minutes moving cables and boxes around just to enable me to play low-definition beach volleyball.

God damnit.

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