Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

I always complain about how time consuming University is, even at this moment I feel like falling asleep on my Wacom tablet, but even in the longest day you can find some rays of sunshine, courtesy of confused art students.
In today's seminar we had to present our branding and marketing strategy to one of several companies. One of the harder options was to create a brand for a new eco-friendly line for Dyson, so I was pretty excited to see this particular presentation. I guess it could have been good, if the guy had his files with him. Yet, undeterred, he stood in front of the class and offered to explain his logos and graphics. Right. So instead of a graphic design seminar, we had session of guided imagination. It made that 3.5 hour class totally worth it.

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  1. good one, very good one!!! let us know what your presentation was like