Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Common Ground

Common Ground

After a long summer of research our Northern Ireland project with top graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook has began. The five of us had to present our ideas for the project, and it seems that most were a little lost. What do you do? Well, for those of you who ever had to make a presentation without having any clue about the contents, you already know the solution: speak in big, general phrases. So instead of real insights into a specific subject, we got long ambiguous statements.

I guess, in a way, this can be taken as a sarcastic strip about struggles around the world. See it as you wish, but don't expect too much, tomorrow's will probably be about penises and farts.


  1. you could do about the place religion takes in political violenceor mixing religion with politics...or letting extrimists kill us...hey darling, start using your head, i think that the israeli sun has gotten the better of you