Friday, September 3, 2010

Pack It In

Pack It In

It's only been four days since my last close call, and here I find myself in hot water again.
I think if you look at a pie chart of my arguments with my better half, you'll find that the bigger piece, the one that looks like Pacman, is made out of jokes I couldn't pack in for 10 seconds. I know it will get me in trouble, and I know it will lead to three hours of 'sorry' and 'I love you', but letting a good joke go to waste is like killing a baby seal (or whatever you find to be morally wrong).

I'm off to Israel for a quick vacation just before school starts, so no updates until the 14th. If you want any recommendations for a replacement webcomic to keep you occupied for the next 10 days, well, I don't have any, because this is the only one one the web. I invented webcomic, and so when I'm away- there are no more webcomic. or comic.

Or web.

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