Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Whenever we go to eat at Wagamama, Noam take one of those big crayons they hand out to kids so I can draw whilst we wait for our food. Today we got a sit at the far corner of the room, nest to a family with a couple of kids. And they were drawing as well.

Ohhhh it's on.

I'm not a competitive person, and will not jump into a pissing contest like some macho gorilla fighting for Alpha position in the pack, but when it comes to drawing I can't stop myself. I know you don't judge kids and adults with the same parameters, obviously I don't expect an applause break every time I wipe my own bottom (would be nice, tough). All I ask is for some honest critic. The kid made a crappy little stick man? Fuck it, I did life drawing in Uni, bitch.

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