Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis

What a day!
It started this morning when I received the shoes I order from Amazon (not lucky but fun), then I got another delivery with my new leaflets, which look absolutely awesome (still not lucky but really fun), THEN I got a third delivery which turned out to be for the neighbours, but I signed for it and took the package anyway (yet again not lucky, but it always fun receiving packages). Then it got absolutely insane: Noam got a call from her uncle who got her a 20 minute jam session with jamie cullum (and probably ended my relationship as well, when Noam leaves me for Jamie). If that's not enough- she found a Samsung galaxy touch phone at her doorstep, sent to her address but to the wrong person.
The strip didn't really happen but with the way this day had gone, I wouldn't be surprised.
Also, extra points for getting the title reference without googling it.

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  1. what in this strip realy did happen?//////////