Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When You Say Nothing At All

When You Say Nothing At All

Noam's car came back from the doctor's and I'm happy to say it's feeling better than ever. The mechanic showed us all the new shiny part he installed, whilst Noam pulled her best 'I'm following you' face. I wore my 'I'm a man, what you are saying is so basic I don't even need to listen' look. It's complicated but I pulled it off.
When the tour was over Noam wanted to know where the spare tyre is and where are the tools to change it in case of an emergency. The mechanic pointed us to the tyre and tools and added a warning, saying she shouldn't do it on her own but use the assistance of her big and manly boyfriend. I nodded with my 'I'll save the little lady' face.
At that point Noam and I looked at each other and shared a thought: I have no idea how to change a tyre. I have no idea how to use a jack. My 'tool box' at home consist of a hammer and a pencil sharpener. I hope Noam listened when the mechanic showed her around the car, Someone needs to know these things.

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  1. you are sooooooooooo manly...i'm sure we'll all be proud of you when the moment comes