Monday, July 19, 2010

Inside Actors Studio: A&E

Inside Actors Studio: A&E

We were making Berimbaus in the woods when one of students cut his fingers. I quickly dressed his hand and  joined Noam and him in the hospital a bit later. After a quick check up with the nurse we sat there waiting for the doctor, which kinda feels like the X factor auditions for sick people. I was looking around, checking out the competition, looking to see who's bleeding worse than my guy. With a couple of kids in their Pyjamas ans a big fat guy with an Iphone, it looked like no one really took this deal seriously. It's A&E, I expected some blood, people with knives through their heads, some body parts in ice boxes. I guess with CG special effects and 3D replacing real actors, there is no more real commitment to the part.

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  1. ii wonder what kind of treatment you'll get ifffffffffff you survive tomorrow