Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You've Been Bamboozled!

You've Been Bamboozled!

My favourite scene in Friends is when the three guys play a completely insane trivia game where it seems that the rules are made up as they go along. Please watch it now.

Whenever I hear the way the world reacts to events happening in the middle east, like the ship takeover yesterday, I feel like Israel is playing a crazy game in which the rules are made up as the game progresses. We can't win if we're on the offensive, we can't win if we're on the defence. When all other players are cheating and we play by the rules, we seem to lose faster. At times like these I find myself through my arms up in defeat. We've been Bamboozled.

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  1. it reminds me of the games we used to play as kids with Israel...somehow we never won....do you think it was because he is always better than us?I'm sure he thinks so...