Friday, May 28, 2010

You Win Some, You Dim Sum

You Win Some, You Dim Sum

I was indeed nominated to be part of a 5 men team who will work personally with Jonathan Barnbrook, one of UK's  best, and most controversial, designers working today.
Among other things, Jonathan takes interests in conflicts around the world and tries to solve them using type and design. A few years ago he addressed the Israeli-Palestine conflict, which for me, as an Israeli, is bad news. Usually when artists make comments about this particular conflict they end up showing Israel as a nation of heartless murderers.

Now I need to write a personal statement saying why I'm perfect for the project.

I was going back and forth on this, and eventually decided to be completely honest about my nationality and my past as a soldier. I figured that if he doesn't want me in the team because I'm Israeli, I better say it now instead of try to hide it. And apparently he didn't mind- I received an email today confirming my place in the program.

Now, as I was in a disadvantage, I had to be noticed in other place, like 'being literate in 3 languages' (hardly), 'having a father who lives in New York' (some of the time), and 'believing that design can change the world' (?!). I wouldn't call it lying, it's all true to some extent. I just took the liberty to pimp it up, pad it with fluffy interpretation of the truth, making a delicious inner truth dumpling.


  1. MEZUYAN!!! we are all very proud with this great achievment!!!

  2. hi just found this. hmmm

    my israeli/palestine poster showed both sides as continually perpetuating a cycle of violence. i did not portray israel in the way you suggest, before criticising me for this and coming along with an inherent prejudice . maybe look at the work properly and then make a judgement, then you would realise there would be no reason to not say you were an israeli soldier. in fact part of the reason you were chosen was because of you experience, i thought you could bring something unique to this project that the other students couldn’t. that is 'apparently why i didn’t mind'.

    and well interested to read how your wrote your statement. i am hoping you are not as disingenuous as you know seem. even if you think such things, maybe it’s a good idea not to post them publicly.

    finally maybe time to get rid of your own prejudices about how people react to conflict. you are going to need to on this project and for your own self-development as a designer who can work with honesty and compassion.

    jonathan barnbrook