Monday, May 3, 2010

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

I'll start with a confession: Whenever I buy something in the shop, I would take the change and put it in a jar, in hope that one day I'll use this accumulated wealth to buy a gaming console.
It's not that I can't afford one, obviously running this blog made me richer beyond my wildest dreams, but with uni work and magazine work I was scared that gaming will take over my life.

Yesterday Leighton loaned me his Xbox. Timing couldn't have been worst, as I have to finish my art history essay by tomorrow morning. The problem is that now I need to balance uni work, magazine work AND saving the human race from alien invaders. That's a lot to handle by myself, and some things had to be delegated.

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  1. you keep making me laugh...i hope you have your/my priorities sorted out!!!!!!!!!!!!