Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Cop, Psychic Cop

Good Cop, Psychic Cop

Now that Gordon Ramsay is done screaming at young chefs, I turn to my other on screen hero: Derren Brown. He is known to perform psychic illusions ranging from getting people drunk without drinking to making people colour blind. He is very straight forward with his acts saying that he is an illusionist and not a magician, which is fair enough. In his new show he is out to uncover people who do claim to have super natural powers, starting with mediums and people who claim to contact the dead.
It's not really fair, in my opinion, to go after people who are obviously lying about what their do- you don't go to some kid's birthday party yelling from the back: 'he had the rabbit in his hat the whole time!'. The real problem with this documentary is Derren's investigation technique, which consists mostly of the above.

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