Monday, May 17, 2010

God Hates Gays and Armpits

God Hates Gays and Armpits

When working for a certain audience, there are always some limitations. I wouldn't put a picture of a juicy burger on the cover of 'Vegetarian weekly', and will probably avoid putting Britney Spears on 'Heavy Metal Today'.
As I work for an Israeli-Jewish magazine, I know to stir away from pictures of Hitler and/or full frontal nudity (naked Hitler- double no no). Today I got another reminder of a third law: Armpit = vagina. Apparently for religious Jews there is no difference really. They will not pick up a magazine with an armpit on the cover, the same way they will never read a magazine with a pair of unsupported breasts on the first page. And I'm not even talking about some hot model, gosh no, we couldn't put a picture of a guy standing on his hands because his hairy armpits were showing.

I guess I can't complain. If some of the readers are religious Jews, then they're the ones paying my salary, and they will decide what will be on the cover.

Buy I'm complaining anyway.

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