Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Vote Saved Is A Vote Earned

A Vote Saved Is A Vote Earned

Oh my god, a political strip?? Well, maybe just this once.

I was talking to Hat Andy today when he exposed the fact he intends to vote for the Green party. I said that it is nothing but a waist of a vote, to which he replied 'What about recycling? If no one bothered then we'll be swimming in rubbish'. Fair point.
The problem is that the way I see it, we only have one vote, and that vote should go to a party that represents a whole of ideas that fits me best. A WHOLE. Because as a vote to Green party might get more green issues on the agenda, it will also mean that the labour or the conservatives get weaker, which mean that bonkers parties like the BNP get stronger.

Besides, it's not that I have anything against left wing hippies (I fucking hate them) but do you really want them running the country? the police? The army

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