Thursday, April 1, 2010



I applied to do study in Jerusalem a long time ago and haven't really thought about it since. Yesterday I received an Email saying I need to attend a compulsory meeting where I will hand in my passport details, personal details and so on.
To me it seems like we missed some steps, like maybe telling me I got a space? Or some nice colourful leaflets full of information and smiling students studying in lawns? Instead, all I get is a ransom note with instructions, if I wanna see my BA safe and unharmed.


Did anyone notice? Over 50 strips sold! Or... published. Or something.
In any case, Very exciting stuff.

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  1. I wasn't involved in that scheme but I think I should have been...I'd love to see you both here. But then again, a mother should want only what makes her son we sort of have a small problem...well, anyway at the end of the day you all do whatever you want and leave your poor mother all alone...