Monday, April 19, 2010

Apathetic Way To Be

Apathetic Way To Be

Holy guacamole, it has been an eventful weekend.
It feels sometimes that when a lot is going on in a short period of time, events pass by like background noise which you are vaguely aware of. Combined with my natural apathy, I hardly even took my eyes of the telly.

Let's start at the beginning:

The volcano saga is still very much alive, but my own relationship with it has come to its end. Volcano 1, Varig 0. The combine will power of everyone involved wasn't enough to get a me off the ground, and so my sunny vacation was cancelled.

That same volcano took up most of my attention last week and I completely forgot to brag about my cover illustration for this month's issue of Alondon Magazine. You can see a crisp JPG version here, or see the digital version of the magazine here for all you Hebrew enthusiasts.

As long as I'm bragging, I was interviewed for the biggest newspaper in Israel, for page 2 article mind you. My name was spelled wrong and it was more about the volcano then me, but I was still mentioned, which is kinda cool.

I have also celebrated my  25th birthday this weekend which I spent quietly with Noam. A trip to the zoo, a picnic in the park and dinner at Ping Pong. Who can ask for more? I even got a retro NES Zelda T-shirt, fuck yeah.

My Birthday was sealed with the memorial day event for the fallen soldiers and terror victims, which is always an emotional but heart worming experience, especially with the hundreds of Israelis and Jewish people who came to share that experience together.  

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